12 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

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Spiti Valley is like a peaceful and spiritual paradise with beautiful scenes. Which truly makes it one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley. It is full of Buddhist monasteries and natural wonders that most people have not discovered yet, so they are still pure and untouched. Found in Himachal Pradesh, this valley has a rugged landscape cut by the clear and fast Spiti River, flowing through deep gorges and valleys.

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places to visti in spiti
amazing Spiti roads

People here live their daily lives with a strong connection to religion, as seen in the many ‘mani’ stones, white chortens (Buddhist structures), and prayer flags blowing in the mountain breeze. The saying ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is heard everywhere and is believed to bring good luck. Rudyard Kipling once called Spiti ‘a world within a world,’ a place where gods live – a feeling that still holds today.

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Spiti valley

 People who love water sports, especially river rafting, enjoy the popular Spiti River. The valley is lush and green, surrounded by snowy mountains, making it perfect for adventure lovers who enjoy activities like trekking, paragliding, and camping.

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They call Spiti “Little Tibet” because it looks a lot like Tibet with its land, plants, and weather. It is up high at 2,745 meters above sea level and is bordered by Lahaul, Ladakh, Kinnaur, and Kullu.

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Sunset view, Spiti

You can enter Spiti Valley from Lahaul through Kumzum La or Kumzum Pass, which is way up high at 14,931 feet. If you are thinking of having an adventure in Himachal and curious about the top places to visit in Spiti Valley, keep reading to find out more.

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Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

Planning a getaway to Spiti Valley and eager to explore its popular attractions? Check out this list of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley for an unforgettable vacation.

Tabo Monastery Spiti

1. Tabo

Tabo Monastery is famous for its stunning paintings and is among the oldest places to visit in Spiti Valley. Tabo is a little village in the middle of Spiti known for its very old monastery, which was built more than a thousand years ago, way back in 996 AD. It is the biggest group of monasteries in Spiti, with nine temples, 23 chortens (those little round structures), a place for monks, and one for nuns. The village is surrounded by a cold desert and has lots of apple orchards.

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Tabo Monastery, Spiti Valley
Tabo Monastery, Spiti Valley

Close to the monastery, on a mountain, there are some caves where monks used to meditate alone for months. The monastery itself is pretty special, with cool paintings and statues on the walls. They also added a new place recently where they do their daily chants and prayers. Tabo stands out as one of the best Spiti Valley places to visit. Tabo is a great place to see the rich culture and spiritual history of the area – definitely worth a visit in Spiti Valley.

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Dhankar village Spiti

2. Dhankar

Between Tabo and Kaza, there is a place called Dhankar Monastery, one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley. It is about 7 km away from the village of Schichling on a side road. The monastery is like hanging on the side of a cliff by the Spiti River. In the local language, Dhankar means a fort, and long ago, the monastery was like a castle to protect the valley from enemies.

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Dhankar village Spiti
Dhankar village Spiti

Because of its smart location, it was also the castle for the Nono, who was like the ruler of the valley. The whole place shows how skilled the people of Spiti were in building things. Dhankar Monastery is 3370 meters high and keeps important Buddhist writings. It’s also a starting point for trips to Dhankar Lake and Pin Valley, making it one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

3. Kaza

Kaza is like the main hub of Spiti. It is one of the best tourist places in Spiti Valley, where all the administrative work happens. It is the biggest town in the valley, sitting on the left side of the Spiti River. The town has small, narrow streets that take you to the marketplace where you can find some restaurants. Kaza also has important facilities like a bank, ATM, post office, and a place to fill up your vehicle with petrol or diesel.

Kaza, Spiti

Because it is a central spot, Kaza is a great place to start exploring the area. You can easily reach famous places like the Key Monastery and far-off villages like Langja, Hikkim, and Komik from here.

Key Monastery places to visit in spiti valley

4. Key Monastery

Key Monastery, also known as Kye Gompa, is the most popular place to visit in Spiti Valley, situated in the Kaza area. Kee Monastery sits on top of a hill that looks like it is shaped by a volcano. It has dimly lit rooms and dark hallways that go to different parts of the place.

Inside, there are old wooden columns, stone stairs, and detailed doors that lead to prayer rooms with cool paintings and ancient instruments. The monastery also has a library with important old books.

Key Monastery
Key Monastery

Apart from the rooms where the monks stay, there is a big hall for gatherings and a room with religious paintings. The top spot in the place belongs to the main abbot, Zim-chung. You can easily get to the monastery since it is just 12 km away from Kaza.

kibber spiti

5. Kibber

Kibber is one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley, just 6 km away from Kee village. and sits really high at 4205 meters, making it one of the tallest villages in the valley. People often start their treks from here to go up really high. There is a wildlife Sanctuary nearby, which is a huge area of 1400 sq. km where animals like blue sheep, ibex, and snow leopards live.

Kibber spiti
Kibber village

In the summer, a bus from Kaza can take you to the village. When you get there, you will see green fields and houses that look similar, standing out against the tall hills around. Kibber even has a small clinic and a post office for the people who live there.

Pin Valley

6. Pin Valley

Starting from where the Pin River meets the Spiti River at Atargoo, just 10 km from Schichling village, there is a small road leading into the Pin Valley. This valley is created by the Pin River, starting all the way up from the Kungri glacier. In this valley, you will find many monasteries, like the Kungri monastery, and others in the pretty village called Mud.

pin parvati pass spiti
Pin Valley, Spiti

If you are into tough treks, there are routes from Pin Valley that go over the Pin Parvati Pass. One of these trails goes to Kullu Valley, and another takes you through Bhawa Valley into Kinnaur. The whole Pin Valley is like a National Park, a safe place for over twenty rare animals and birds, including the special snow leopard.

pin valley spiti
Pin Valley Top View

Other animals you might see are Ibex, Bharal, Red Fox, Marten, Weasel, Bearded Vulture, Chakor, Golden Eagle, Griffon, and Himalayan Chough. If you are thinking about places to visit in Spiti Valley, Pin Valley should definitely be on your list.

Chandra Taal

7. Chandra Taal

Chandra Taal, also known as the ‘Lake of the Moon,’ is a stunning lake with really clear blue water, shaped like a crescent, high up in the valley. It is north of Kunzum Pass, which is like a gateway between Spiti and Lahaul. People love this lake because it looks amazing, especially when the slopes around it are covered in grass, and shepherds bring their sheep to eat in the spring and summer.

Chandra Taal
Chandra Taal

You can reach the lake by taking a 14 km-long road that starts from the Manali-Kaza road at Batal. But a better way is to walk for about 2 hours from Kunzum Pass. In the summer, it is a great place to camp, and you can even find tents to stay in from June to October. Chandra Taal is a favorite spot for people who love trekking and camping. making it one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

8. Kungri Monastery

Guru Padmasambhava, who helped spread Buddhism in Tibet, is said to have founded Kungri Monastery in the 14th century. This monastery, part of the Nyingma sect, is one of the oldest and best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

Kungri Monastery
Kungri Monastery

Kungri Monastery is split into three parts and is liked by scholars, pilgrims, and tourists. Some people even stay for months to experience monk life without changing their own beliefs. The monastery has a cool collection of over 380 thangka paintings and old relics. In July, the monks perform a traditional ‘Devil and Sword Dance,’ showing a bit of their religious life. The monastery is just 3 km away from Gulling village.

9. Langza

Langza is a cool village guarded by a giant statue of Lord Buddha. It gives awesome views of the big mountains, especially the snow-covered Chau Chau Kang Nilda peak. People here make cool stuff like fossils, clay pots, and really nice carpets and shawls.

best places to visit in langza spiti
Langza, Spiti

The folks in Langza live in mud houses and mostly do crafts and farming. There are nice trails from the village that take you to high lakes. There is also a road that goes through the village and gets you to Komic, one of the highest villages at 4400 m with a road. From Komic, you can reach Hikkim, the highest village in the valley.

Langza is for sure one of the best places to visit in Spiti. It is not just about the awesome views but also the cool things people make and how they live.

higest post office in the world hikkim

10. Hikkim 

Hikkim is a village in Spiti Valley, and it is the highest one that people live in permanently. This special place lets you enjoy amazing views and see how people live up in the mountains. Hikkim is also known for having one of the world’s highest post offices. That means you can send postcards from this really remote and beautiful spot, making it one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

10. Chicham Bridge

11. Chicham Bridge

The Chicham Bridge is a standout among Spiti Valley tourist places. It is a super tall bridge in Himachal Pradesh, India. It connects two villages, Chicham and Kibber, and it is one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. This bridge is like a big engineering achievement and helps people in the area travel more easily. People often visit to see the amazing views and experience how high it is. Chicham Bridge is one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

Kunzum Pass

12. Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass is a really high and beautiful mountain pass in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is up in the mountains, about 14,931 feet above sea level. This pass connects two valleys, Spiti Valley and Lahaul Valley. The place is famous for its stunning views, like snow-covered mountains and glaciers.

Kunzum Pass
Kunzum Pass

People often stop at Kunzum Devi Temple, a temple dedicated to the goddess Kunzum, to ask for a safe journey before continuing. The pass is usually open for travel from late June to early October, but during winter, it is closed because of heavy snow.

Kunzum Pass
Kunzum Devi Temple

Getting to Kunzum Pass can be tough, but it is a great adventure for people who love nature and want to experience the remote and wild landscapes of the Indian Himalayas. Trekkers, bikers, and those who enjoy offbeat travel often visit this area.


Explore the amazing places to visit in Spiti Valley, where the past meets spirituality surrounded by beautiful scenery. Whether you like old monasteries, high-up lakes, or cute villages, Spiti has an adventure waiting for you that you will always remember.

Things to do in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is a special place with cool views and interesting culture. Here are fun things you can do there:

Things to do in Spiti Valley
Top things to do in Spiti Valley
Things to eat in Spiti Valley
Food to try in Spiti
Things to do in Spiti Valley

How to reach Spiti Valley

By Air

You can take a flight from New Delhi or Chandigarh to Bhuntar or Shimla airports, which are the closest airports to the faraway cold desert. After you land, you will need to continue your journey by road transport.

By Train

The closest small train stops for reaching this faraway place are Jogindernagar and Shimla. After you get off the train at any of these stations, you will have to finish your journey using road transport.

By Road   

You can take regular buses from Manali to Kaza between July and October, and from Shimla via Kinnaur between May and October. If you are planning a trip to Spiti from Manali or Shimla, it is a good idea to use strong vehicles like off-road taxis.

Spiti Valley itinerary

spiti valley itinerary
Spiti valley itinerary

Network Connectivity

Network connectivity in Spiti Valley is not very good. Owing to its remoteness and high altitude only BSNL mobile phone network works fine in Spiti. Internet speed is slow.

Spiti Valley best time to visit

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is during the summer months, from mid-May to mid-October. During this period, the weather is relatively mild, and most of the roads are open for travel. Here is a breakdown of the seasons:

1. Summer (Mid-May to Mid-October)

  •    This is the primary tourist season.
  •    Daytime temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).
  •    Roads are generally open, allowing access to various parts of the valley.
  •    Ideal for sightseeing, trekking, and other outdoor activities.

2. Monsoon (Late June to August)

  •    Spiti experiences minimal rainfall, making it a rain-shadow region.
  •    Some areas may be affected by occasional showers, but overall it’s a good time to visit.
  •    The landscape becomes lush, and the weather is still pleasant.

3. Autumn (Mid-September to Mid-October)

  •    The weather remains favorable during this period.
  •    The landscapes transform with vibrant autumn colors.
  •    The temperature starts to drop, especially in the later weeks.

4. Winter (November to April)

  •    Winter is not the ideal time for most tourists due to extremely cold temperatures.
  •    Many areas, especially high mountain passes, become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall.
  •    Local residents often face harsh winter conditions.

Keep in mind that weather conditions can vary, and it is essential to check road conditions before planning your trip. Additionally, some facilities may be closed during the winter months. If you are interested in snow and winter activities, you might plan a visit in late winter or early spring, but be prepared for challenging conditions.

Spiti Valley Map

spiti valley map
Spiti Valley Map

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Spiti Valley

Q. What is the Best time to visit Spiti Valley

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is during the summer months, from mid-May to mid-October, when the weather is pleasant, and most roads are accessible for travel.

Q. Nearest airport to Spiti Valley

The nearest airport to Spiti Valley is in Bhuntar, near Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, which is commonly used as a gateway for reaching Spiti.

Q. Where is Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan region.

Q. How to reach Spiti Valley from Delhi

To reach Spiti Valley from Delhi, you have a few options:

By Road: You can drive from Delhi to Spiti Valley. The journey involves taking the Manali route or the Shimla route, depending on the season. The Manali route (Manali to Kaza) is usually open from mid-May to mid-October, while the Shimla route (Shimla to Kaza via Kinnaur) is open from May to October. The distance is significant, and the roads can be challenging, so ensure your vehicle is well-suited for mountainous terrain.

 Bus: Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) and private operators run buses from Delhi to Manali or Shimla. From Manali or Shimla, you can then take another bus or hire a taxi to Spiti Valley.

By Air: Take a flight from Delhi to Bhuntar Airport (Kullu) or Chandigarh Airport. From Bhuntar, you can proceed by road to Spiti.

By Train: There is no direct train to Spiti Valley. The nearest major railway stations are Chandigarh and Kalka. From these stations, you can continue your journey to Spiti Valley by road, either by hiring a taxi or taking a bus.

Q. How many days are required for Spiti Valley

At least 6-7 days are required to explore the main places of Spiti Valley. In a duration of 6 days, one can cover Kaza Chandra Tal and villages nearby Kaza. If one can manage more days then other places can be added.

Q. Can we take a child to Spiti Valley

If the child is 6 or above then there is no issue. Below 6 children are not suggested to travel as it is a high-altitude region.

Q Is there any oxygen issue in Spiti Valley?

Oxyzen is slightly lesser in some high-altitude villages as compared to other places in India. As such there is no issue for travellers

Q. Best time to visit Spiti Valley by car

The best time to visit Spiti Valley by car is during the summer and early autumn months when the weather is relatively mild, and most roads are open for travel. The primary season for road trips to Spiti Valley is from mid-May to mid-October.

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