16 Best places to visit in Kullu Manali

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Welcome to the gateway of Himalayan wonders In this blog post, we are talking about the coolest Places to Visit in Kullu Manali. It is not just a spot, it’s like stepping into a magical world.

 Imagine lush green valleys, ancient temples with fascinating stories, and adventures waiting at every turn. Kullu is all about that and more—it’s a place where nature and culture come together for an unforgettable experience.

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Come along as we uncover the hidden places to visit in Kullu Manali, from the peaceful vibes of Manikaran Sahib to the crazy fun of Solang Valley. This is not your usual travel guide, it’s an open invitation to soak in the incredible vibes of Kullu—the Himalayan gem. Ready for the journey? Let’s dive into what makes Kullu so special.


Places To Visit In Kullu Manali

1 The Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park is one of the top Kullu Manali tourist places. which is a beautiful and important natural area in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, India. It became a protected area in 1984 and later gained recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. Covering a large area with stunning mountains, valleys, and rivers, the park is known for its diverse plants and animals, including some endangered species. It is among the famous places to visit in Kullu Manali.

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places to visit in kullu manali 2023

Here are some key points:

Amazing Views: The park has tall snowy mountains, green valleys, and clear rivers. Some of the mountains are high, over 6,000 meters.

Lots of Nature:  In the park, you can find different kinds of plants and animals. There are forests with trees like oak and pine, as well as open meadows with colorful flowers. The park is home to special animals like the Himalayan brown bear and the Snow Leopard.

Plants and Herbs: Many plants in the park have special uses, especially in traditional medicine. People use them for their health benefits.

Diverse Animals: You can find a variety of animals in the park, such as the Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan tahr, blue sheep, and leopards. There is also a special bird called the Western Tragopan.

Local People: Some villages near the park have people who live there in a traditional way. Their customs and traditions are connected to nature.

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places to visit in kullu manali 2023

Trekking and Fun:  If you like adventure, you can go on treks in the park. There are different routes, each with amazing views of the mountains. The park offers numerous trekking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Popular trekking routes include the Sainj Valley, Tirthan Valley, and Parvati Valley.

Protecting Nature: People are working hard to keep the park safe. They involve local communities, encourage responsible tourism, and do scientific research to make sure the plants and animals are okay.

People from all over the world visit the Great Himalayan National Park to enjoy nature, see unique wildlife, and learn about the local culture.

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 2 Bijli Mahadev Temple

Tucked away in the beautiful Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Bijli Mahadev Temple is a top tourist places in Kullu Manali, that mixes nature’s power with spiritual vibes. This old temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a favorite for people who love adventure and those seeking a divine connection.

places to visit in kullu manali 2023

 The Journey Up:

Getting to Bijli Mahadev involves a trek through green forests and steep hills. Along the way, you’ll see amazing views of the Himalayas, making the trek a mix of physical challenge and natural beauty.

places to visit in kullu manali 2023

The Magic Shiva Lingam:

The main thing to see in the temple is a Shiva Lingam. It has a cool secret—every few years, it gets hit by lightning and breaks. But don’t worry, The local priest puts it back together using butter and sattoo. This act shows the creation, destruction, and rebirth cycle, making it a powerful symbol.

Lightning Show:

Watching the lightning hit the lingam is an awesome experience. People believe it’s a message from the divine, and pilgrims come from far away to see it. The energy in the air and the special ritual afterward make it a time of deep spirituality.

places to visit in kullu manali 2023

Peaceful Vibes:

Apart from the lightning show, the temple is a calm place. The fresh mountain air and the smell of pine trees make it perfect for quiet thinking. The simple design of the temple and the sound of prayer bells add to the peaceful feeling.

 Adventure Trek:

For people who love adventure, the trek to Bijli Mahadev is a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas. The trail has its challenges, but the views of Kullu Valley and the Beas River make every step worth it. Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the best tourist places in Kullu manali.

 Local Friendliness:

Walking through nearby villages during the trek, you will meet friendly locals. Talk to them, learn about their traditions, and try local food. It’s a way to make your journey more than just a physical walk—it becomes a chance to explore a new culture.


Bijli Mahadev Temple is a special place where nature’s power meets spiritual wonders. Whether you want a connection with the divine, an exciting trek, or a peek into local life, this sacred spot in the Himalayas gives you a unique experience that stays with you long after you have left.

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3  Manikaran Sahib

In the lap of the mighty Himalayas lies Manikaran, a special place where spirituality and nature meet. This small town in Himachal Pradesh is not just pretty, it’s a spot with a lot of culture and hot springs that attract people from all over.

Join us on this virtual journey to discover what makes Manikaran so unique, exploring its spiritual significance and the amazing things that make it a must-visit destination in the Kullu Manali places to visit.

places to visit in kullu manali 2023

 Spiritual Bliss in Manikaran:

Manikaran is one of the famous Kullu tourist spots for its spiritual places, like the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and the Lord Ramchandra Temple. People believe that coming here brings blessings and peace. It’s a special spot where devotion and prayer fill the air.

Hot Springs Magic:

One super cool thing about Manikaran is its hot springs. These warm natural waters are thought to have healing powers. People not only come here to relax but also to find relief for their body and soul. The hot springs are like a warm hug in the chilly mountain air.

places to visit in kullu

Parvati River’s Beauty:

Manikaran sits right by the Parvati River, adding to its beauty. The river is so clear, surrounded by greenery and tall mountains. A stroll by the riverbanks lets you enjoy the calmness and stunning views.

places to visit in kullu

A mix of Cultures and Local Goodies:

Manikaran is more than just spiritual and natural wonders, it’s a mix of different cultures. You can explore local markets, taste traditional Himachali food, and feel the warmth of the people here. The blend of cultures makes Manikaran a special place to experience.


Manikaran, with its spiritual places, hot springs, and cultural mix, shows us the magic that the Himalayas can hold. Whether you are looking for spiritual peace, healing waters, or just a quiet escape, Manikaran welcomes you to experience its special charm. Have you been to Manikaran? Share your thoughts or plan your trip in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the beauty and spirituality of Manikaran together.

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places to visit in kullu

4  Friendship Peak

In the big mountains called Pir Panjal, there’s a super cool place called Friendship Peak. It’s not just a tall mountain, Friendship Peak is one of the most famous trekking summits in India. it’s also about friends coming together and reaching the top. Let’s dive into what makes Friendship Peak so awesome.

Climbing Up:

Friendship Peak is high, but it’s not just about reaching the top. It’s about going up with friends and helping each other. The climb might be tough, but it’s like a big adventure where everyone works together.

Amazing Views:

Once you are at the tip-top of Friendship Peak, get ready for the most amazing views. You can see lots of mountains covered in snow, and the valleys look like big, deep bowls. It’s like standing in the coolest picture ever. It is among the famous places to see in Kullu

best places to visit in kullu

Friends Forever:

While climbing, you make friends with the people trekking with you. It’s not just about getting to the top, it’s about the fun and laughs you share along the way. Friendship Peak is like a symbol of the buddies you make during the journey.

Getting Ready:

If you want to climb Friendship Peak, you need to be ready. That means being fit, having the right gear, and making sure you are used to the high places. Guides and local helpers make sure everyone stays safe and enjoys the trek.


Friendship Peak is not just a big mountain; it’s a big adventure with friends. Climbing up is exciting, and the views from the top are mind-blowing. But what makes it truly special is the friends you make on the way up. Friendship Peak is not just about reaching the summit, it’s about enjoying the journey and the awesome friendships you create along the trail.

5  Chanderkhani Pass

Hey there, adventure seekers, Imagine a place in the mountains where the air is super fresh, and every step brings you closer to breathtaking views. That is Chanderkhani Pass, a special spot in Himachal Pradesh. Let’s take a virtual trek and discover why it’s such a cool place.

best places to visit in kullu

The Trek Begins:

Starting from a cozy village called Naggar, the trek to Chanderkhani Pass is like walking through a magical land. You will pass through forests, and meadows, and see amazing views that change as you go higher. The higher you climb, the more awesome the scenery becomes.

Meeting Locals:

As you trek, you might come across small villages where the people are super friendly. It’s a chance to learn about their way of life and add a bit of local culture to your adventure. The smiles and warmth of the locals make the journey even more special.

best places to visit in kullu

Top of the World Views:

Reaching the top of Chanderkhani Pass is like reaching the top of a fairytale castle. The views are incredible—snowy mountain peaks, deep valleys, and the sunlight dancing on the mountains. It’s like stepping into a dreamland.

Nature’s Show:

Chanderkhani Pass is not just about the big views, it’s also a playground for nature lovers. You will see beautiful mountain flowers, and if you are lucky, you might spot some Himalayan birds. Keep your eyes peeled for surprises from Mother Nature.

Getting Ready for the Trek:

Before you set off on this adventure, make sure you’re ready. Pack the right stuff for trekking, take it slow to get used to the high places, and think about having a local guide to show you around safely.


Chanderkhani Pass is one of the famous places to see in Kullu a magical door to the Himalayas. Whether you are a super adventurer or just want to experience the mountains, this trek is something you won’t forget. If you’ve been to Chanderkhani Pass or dream of going, share your thoughts below comment box.

6  Bhrigu Lake:

Located up high in the mountains near Manali, Bhrigu Lake is a stunning place in nature. This special lake is one of the perfect tourist places in Kullu. If you are looking for a short weekend trek surrounded by snowy mountains and pretty meadows, is a fantastic place for people who love adventure and nature.

best places to visit in kullu

The Amazing Trip:

Going on a trek to Bhrigu Lake is like going on a big adventure. The trek usually starts from Gulaba or Vashisht and takes you through forests, meadows, and snowy landscapes. Every step of the way, you get to see the beautiful views of the Himalayas.

Colors of the Lake:

As you climb higher, the scenery changes, and suddenly, there it is Bhrigu Lake. It’s like a shiny mirror surrounded by snowy mountains. Bhrigu Lake is famous for its beautiful blue water. During the summer, as the snow around the lake melts, the water becomes crystal clear and reflects the snowy mountains nearby. This mix of colors is like a beautiful painting that you will remember for a long time.

Important for the Locals:

Bhrigu Lake is not just a cool place, it is also important to the people who live nearby. They say that a wise sage named Bhrigu meditated here, and there is even a small temple dedicated to him near the lake. This adds a special feeling to the whole experience.

Best Time to Visit:

If you are thinking about visiting Bhrigu Lake, the best times are during the summer and after the rainy season (May to June and September to October). Each season has its own charm. In the summer, everything is green and pretty, while in the winter, the lake can freeze, making everything look magical.

 Tips for Your Adventure:

Before going on the trek, it’s important to be prepared. The air is thinner up in the mountains, so it’s good to take it easy at first. Bring warm clothes, good shoes, and anything else you might need. It’s also a good idea to have a local guide to show you the way and keep you safe.


Bhrigu Lake, with its shiny waters, snowy landscapes, and cultural vibes, is a must-visit for anyone who loves adventure. Have you been to Bhrigu Lake or dreamed of going? Share your thoughts or dreams in the comments.

7 Hampta Pass

Hey, nature lovers. Let’s talk about Hampta Pass, a super cool place in the big, big mountains. We are going on a virtual adventure to discover why this pass is so awesome for trekkers and people who love nature.

kullu manali

Starting from Fun Manali:

Our journey to Hampta Pass begins in the lively town of Manali. Imagine a place with lots of greenery and fresh mountain air. Exciting, right? Get ready for an adventure that’s way cooler than the usual stuff.

Nature’s Art Show:

As we walk on the trail, we are surrounded by cool stuff—forests, open meadows, and all sorts of colorful plants and animals. It’s like being in a big painting that changes as we keep walking. Nature is a true artist.

kullu manali

Wow, Views – Looking at Hampta Pass:

The trek to Hampta Pass is not just about pretty views. it’s also about having an adventure. Imagine crossing a cold river and walking through really high places. It’s like a real-life thrill ride, and you get to see how awesome nature can be.

Meeting Spiti Valley Friends:

The journey usually ends in Spiti Valley, a place known for its beauty and cool traditions. You can meet the locals, visit old monasteries, and experience how people live in this special valley

kullu manali

Tips for Your Adventure:

If you are thinking of going on this super cool trek, make sure you are ready. Pack the right stuff, take it easy as you go higher, and maybe have a local guide to show you around safely.


Hampta Pass is like a big playground for adventure lovers. Whether you want excitement, beautiful views, or a peek into a different culture, this pass has it all.

Have you been to Hampta Pass or dream of going? Share your stories or thoughts in the comments.

 8 Beas Kund

Hey, nature fans, Let’s dive into the awesome world of Beas Kund. It’s like finding a secret treasure in the big Himalayan mountains. Get ready for a virtual adventure where we explore the beauty and peace of Beas Kund, a super pretty lake up in the hills.

kullu manali

Starting Our Journey from Solang Valley:

Our adventure kicks off in Solang Valley, near Manali. We are not just taking a walk; we’re going on a cool journey through forests, meadows, and the great outdoors.

Nature’s Show – Walking to Beas Kund:

As we walk, nature puts on a show for us. Listen to the leaves in the wind, hear the birds singing, and follow the sounds of the Beas River. The trail is like a colorful painting with flowers and greenery all around.

kullu manali

The Big Surprise – Beas Kund Lake:

At around 12,000 feet up, we find Beas Kund. Picture a super clear lake reflecting the tall mountains. It’s like a magical mirror surrounded by the beauty of nature. You can just sit by the lake and feel how calm and peaceful the mountains are.

Amazing Views – Dhundi and Bakarthach:

On our way to Beas Kund, we pass through Dhundi and Bakarthach. Dhundi is like a giant meadow with awesome views of the Hanuman Tibba peak. Bakarthach welcomes us with open fields and more stunning views. It’s like being in a dreamland.

kullu manali

 Adventure Time and Thinking Quietly:

Besides the fun of walking, going to Beas Kund is also a time to think and feel. With big mountains like Friendship Peak and Hanuman Tibba around, you will feel amazed and maybe a bit small, realizing how grand nature is.

Tips for Your Adventure:

If you are thinking of going to Beas Kund, get ready. Pack your stuff, get used to the high places, and maybe have a local guide to show you the ropes.


Beas Kund is like a hidden gem in the mountains. Whether you are up for an adventure, want to feel peaceful, or just love nature, this trek is perfect. Have you been to Beas Kund or dreamed of going? Share your thoughts in the comments

9 Pin Parvati Pass Trek:

Imagine a magical place in Himachal Pradesh called Pin Parvati Pass. It’s like a bridge between two different worlds –Another one of the famous tourist places in Kullu, the green paradise of Kullu’s Parvati Valley, and the wild beauty of Pin Valley in Spiti. One side is all green and lush, like a big garden, while the other side is rocky and barren. And guess what? People on one side mostly follow Hinduism, and on the other side, it’s Buddhism.

kullu manali

The Hidden Gem of Pin Parvati Valley:

Pin Parvati Valley is like a secret treasure for people who love trekking. It’s not crowded with lots of tourists, so it keeps its natural beauty intact. Trekkers say it’s one of the best places to explore in India, like a hidden gem in the mountains.

Journey Kick-off from Manikaran:

The journey starts in a cool town called Manikaran and follows the Parvati River until it reaches the stunning Pin Parvati Valley, which is pretty high up at 4900 meters. They call it the ‘Valley of Gods’ because it’s surrounded by big mountain ranges.

Nature’s Tapestry Unveiled:

This adventure is not just a walk. it’s like stepping into a magical story. You walk through forests, pass by beautiful lakes, and see colorful wildflowers everywhere. The trek even takes you to the Mantalai Lake, a special place for Hindu pilgrims. The highlight is reaching the top at Pin Parvati Peak, 5319 meters high, where you can see amazing views of nearby peaks.

The Finale in Sagnum Village:

As the adventure comes to an end in the quiet village of Sagnum, trekkers can take a jeep ride into the Spiti Valley. Here, they can explore Buddhist monasteries and charming villages before heading home.


This trek is not just a tough walk. it’s an exciting journey into the heart of the Himalayas. The best time to go is from May to September, and even though it’s a bit hard, the stunning views and the thrill of the adventure make it worth it. Pin Parvati Pass is like a magnet for people who love exploring new and untouched places in the mountains. It’s not just a trek. it’s a special adventure in the Himalayas.

10  Parvati Valley:

Nestled in the big mountains of the Himalayas, Parvati Valley is like a secret garden in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a special place where nature is at its best, and there is so much to explore.

kullu manali

Where the Journey Begins:

Parvati Valley starts where two rivers, Parvati and Beas, meet near a place called Bhuntar. The roads get twisty, the air gets cooler, and you know you’re heading toward something amazing.

Villages and Cool Culture:

In Parvati Valley, there are little villages that each have their special charm. Kasol is like a tiny Israel with its unique vibe and cafes. Tosh sits on top of a hill, giving you the best views, and Manikaran has hot springs that people believe can make you feel better.

Hot Springs in Manikaran:

Manikaran is famous for its hot springs. People come here to soak in the warm water, thinking it can heal them. The Gurudwara there adds a spiritual touch, making it a peaceful place.

Chill Time in Kasol:

Kasol is like a magnet for travelers who love a laid-back life. Surrounded by tall pine trees and next to the Parvati River, it’s a perfect spot to relax and enjoy nature.

Trekking Adventures:

If you like adventures, Parvati Valley has some awesome treks. The Kheerganga trek takes you to a hot spring on top of a mountain, and the Pin Parvati Pass trek is a tough one with stunning views of snowy peaks.

kullu manali

Spiritual Vibes:

Parvati Valley is not just about the outside journey. it’s also a spiritual one. There are old temples like Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and the Bhutnath Temple, making the valley a special place for those who seek a connection with something higher.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to go and explore Parvati Valley is from March to June when the weather is nice, and everything looks green and pretty. If you like the rain, July to September is cool too.

In a nutshell, Parvati Valley is like a magic place in the Himalayas. It’s where you can find nature’s beauty, adventure, and a bit of peace. Whether you’re into trekking, chilling, or seeking something spiritual, Parvati Valley is ready to welcome you for a fantastic journey in the heart of the big mountains.

11  Kasol:

Nestled in the big mountains, Kasol is a small village that many people love to visit. It’s in Himachal Pradesh, and it’s a perfect mix of calmness and excitement. Let’s explore what makes Kasol so special.

kullu manali

Where the Journey Starts:

Kasol is like the doorway to a beautiful place called Parvati Valley. As you drive through the hilly roads, the air becomes cool, and you’re surrounded by tall pine trees and the sound of the Parvati River.

Chill Vibes and Yummy Food:

People call Kasol “Mini Israel” because it has a cool and relaxed atmosphere. There are cafes with delicious Israeli food. The smell of yummy dishes like falafels fills the air, making Kasol a unique and cozy place.

kullu manali

Relaxing by the River:

Kasol is lucky to have the Parvati River flowing right beside it. You can sit in cafes by the river or even camp near it. The calming sound of the flowing water makes it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Adventure Time – Trekking:

If you like adventures, Kasol is a great starting point for some amazing treks. The trek to Kheerganga takes you to a hot spring on top of a mountain. There are also treks to nearby places like Malana and Tosh. It’s like walking through big mountains and seeing incredible views.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to go to Kasol is from March to June when the weather is nice. It’s not too hot or too cold, and everything looks green and pretty.

In simple words, Kasol is like a cozy village in the big mountains. It has a bit of everything – a calm river, yummy food, adventures in the mountains, and even places to relax and feel peaceful. Whether you like to chill or explore, Kasol has something for everyone. It’s a little piece of mountain magic waiting for you to discover.

12  Malana

Nestled up high in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Malana is a small village that’s kind of like a mystery waiting to be solved. This little place, often called the “Little Greece of India,” is not like your usual villages. Let’s explore what makes Malana so special in simpler words.

kullu manali

A Journey to Remember:

Getting to Malana is an adventure in itself. The roads are twisty, the paths through the forests are challenging, and reaching the village feels like finding a hidden treasure.

Unique People and Culture:

What makes Malana stand out is its people and their special way of life. The folks in Malana, known as Malanis, believe they are connected to an ancient dynasty. They have their language, Kanashi, making their culture even more unique.

Their Own Little World:

Malana has its own rules and ways of doing things. They have their system of governing, and they like to keep to themselves. This makes Malana feel like a world of its own, separate from the outside.

 Jamlu Devta Temple:

In the heart of Malana is the Jamlu Devta Temple, dedicated to their local deity. The temple is important for the people of Malana, and the stories connected to it add a spiritual touch to the village.

Famous Malana Cream:

Malana is also known for something called “Malana Cream,” which is a type of cannabis. It’s become famous worldwide, but it’s important to remember that the rules and beliefs in Malana might be different from other places.

Trekking and Mountains:

If you like adventure and walking in the mountains, Malana is a great place to start. There are treks like Chandrakhani Pass and Deo Tibba that offer amazing views of the big Himalayan mountains.

 Best Time to Visit:

The best time to go and explore Malana is from March to June when the weather is nice, and the village is easy to reach. Going in the rainy season or winter might be a bit tricky.

In simple words, Malana is not just a village. it’s like finding a magical spot in the big mountains. The people, their way of life, and the whole atmosphere make Malana a unique place waiting to be discovered. Whether you are into adventure or just want to see something different, Malana welcomes you to its special world tucked away in the Himalayas.

13 Tosh

Imagine a tiny village tucked away in the mountains, away from the noise and rush of the city. That’s Tosh, a special place in the Parvati Valley that’s waiting for you to discover its magic.

kullu manali

A Secret Getaway:

Tosh is not like the regular villages you know; it’s like finding a hidden treasure. Getting there is like an adventure itself, with beautiful views and a promise of a calm and peaceful time.

 Big Mountains and Fresh Air:

When you get close to Tosh, you will see big mountains all around and breathe in the clean mountain air. The village sits up on a hill, giving you amazing views of the Parvati Valley. It’s a place where you can relax and forget about the busyness of city life.

By the River and Cute Cafes:

Tosh is lucky to have the Parvati River nearby, adding a soothing melody to the village. Cafes by the river are the perfect places to chill. They are decorated in a fun and colorful way, making Tosh feel like a bohemian paradise.

Trekking Adventures:

If you love adventures, Tosh is like a door to exciting trekking trails. The Kheerganga trek, starting from Tosh, takes you through forests and meadows to a hot spring at the top. It’s not just about reaching the end, the journey itself is full of beautiful landscapes.

places to visit in kullu manali

Simple Mountain Life:

Tosh gives you a glimpse into the simple life of the mountains. The people there are friendly and welcoming, showing you the beauty of traditional mountain living.

Starry Nights and Campfires:

As the sun goes down, Tosh becomes a perfect spot for stargazing. The night sky is clear, and you can see countless stars. Sitting around a bonfire in the cool mountain air is a great way to share stories and enjoy the moment.

 Best Time to Visit:

While you can visit Tosh any time of the year, the best time is from March to June. During these months, the weather is nice, and everything around is colorful and alive.

In simple words, Tosh is not just a village. it’s a place full of adventures and calm moments. Whether you want to trek in the mountains, relax by the river, or experience simple mountain life, Tosh is ready to welcome you into its peaceful and enchanting world.

14 Kheerganga Trek

Another one of the famous tourist places in Kullu Manali is the Kheerganga. Imagine a place nestled in the mountains where nature’s beauty takes center stage. That’s Kheerganga, a special spot in the Parvati Valley Kullu that’s more than just a destination – it’s a journey into the heart of the Himalayas.

places to visit in kullu manali

 A Peaceful Trek:

To get to Kheerganga, you start your journey in a little village called Barshaini. The path you walk on is surrounded by the soothing sounds of the Parvati River. You go through forests, and open meadows, and see beautiful views, making the trek a mix of excitement and calmness.

 Soothing Hot Springs:

One of the highlights of Kheerganga is the hot springs. These warm, natural pools hidden in the rocks are like a gift at the end of your trek. They are not just for relaxing, they are also a place where people from different parts of the world share stories.

places to visit in kullu manali

Amazing Views:

As you go higher, the trek opens up to incredible views of the Parvati Valley. The greenery, snowy mountain tops, and fresh mountain air make every step of the journey worth it. It’s a reminder of how majestic nature can be.

Unique Mountain Cafes:

Kheerganga has these cool mountain cafes that add to its charm. One standout is the Cosmic Kheerganga Café. With its comfy vibe, hammocks, and great views, it’s the perfect spot to relax, chat with other trekkers, and enjoy local food.

 Spiritual Touch:

Kheerganga is not just about walking. it’s also a spiritual experience. Along the trek, you will find small shrines and ancient caves. The Rudra Nag temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Parvati Kund add a touch of spirituality to the journey.

Camping under the Stars:

For those who love sleeping under the stars, Kheerganga has camping options. Picture yourself under a sky full of stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature. It’s a magical experience that makes the trek even more special.

Best Time to Trek:

While you can visit Kheerganga at any time, the best months are from May to November. During this period, the weather is just right, and everything around you looks vibrant and alive.

To sum it up, Kheerganga is a place where nature, adventure, and a bit of spirituality come together. It’s a spot where the Himalayas show their beauty and a hot spring oasis adds a touch of magic. Whether you are up for a challenge, seeking some peace, or just want a break from everyday life, Kheerganga welcomes you to explore its trails and discover the mountain wonders hidden within.

15  Jalori Pass:

Nestled high up in the Indian Himalayas, Jalori Pass is a special place that’s perfect for anyone who loves nature and adventure. It’s like a door to a magical world filled with stunning views and interesting experiences. Let’s take a virtual journey to discover the charm of Jalori Pass.

places to visit in kullu manali

 A Gateway to Amazing Views:

Jalori Pass is not just a road that connects two valleys. it’s like a secret passage to the sky. Imagine driving along winding roads surrounded by snow-covered mountains, tall pine trees, and colorful meadows. The air becomes super fresh, and the scenery gets more and more beautiful as you go up.

 Fun Hikes:

For those who enjoy walking in nature, Jalori Pass has some great trails. One popular walk starts from the village of Shoja and takes you through cool forests, cute villages, and green meadows. The walk is not too hard, so anyone can try it. And as you go higher, the views get even better.

places to visit in kullu manali

 Peaceful Serolsar Lake:

One of the best things about Jalori Pass is Serolsar Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by trees. Getting to the lake is like going on an adventure through Jalori Pass. When you reach the lake, you see clear blue water reflecting the sky and green trees. It’s a perfect place to sit and enjoy the quiet.

Meeting Friendly Locals:

Jalori Pass is not just about nature. it’s also a chance to learn about the people who live there. The villages around the pass have friendly locals who are happy to share their stories and traditions. You can try local food and experience the special festivals they celebrate.

Tips for Your Trip:

Best Time to Go:

Visit between April and November, as it’s hard to travel there during the snowy winter months.

Places to Stay:

There are not many hotels at Jalori Pass, but nearby villages like Shoja and Jibhi have cozy places to stay.


Jalori Pass is a magical place with incredible views, fun walks, a peaceful lake, and a chance to learn about local life. It’s not just a trip. it’s an adventure that will stay in your heart. So, get ready, pack your things, and let Jalori Pass show you its special magic.

16  Tirthan Valley:

Tirthan Valley, tucked away in the Himalayas, is like a secret haven for those who love peace and nature. Found in Himachal Pradesh, India, this valley is a mix of stunning scenery, fun activities, and a taste of local culture. Join us as we virtually tour the hidden treasures of Tirthan Valley.

places to visit in kullu manali

Peaceful Scenery and River Tirthan:

Tirthan Valley is surrounded by beautiful forests, snowy mountains, and the lively River Tirthan. The river’s calming sound accompanies you as you discover charming villages and lush green landscapes along its banks.

Great Himalayan National Park:

A special place called the Great Himalayan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Tirthan Valley Kullu Manali. It’s like a treasure chest of different plants and animals, including Himalayan tahr, blue sheep, and many kinds of birds. If you love nature and wildlife, this park will amaze you.

Fishing and Angling Fun:

For those who like a bit of excitement, Tirthan Valley is perfect for trout fishing and angling. The Tirthan River has clear water, making it an excellent spot for fishing. Catching your trout and maybe having it cooked at a local place adds a special touch to your visit.

Serolsar Lake Trek:

Similar to Jalori Pass, Tirthan Valley is also a starting point for the Serolsar Lake trek. The trek takes you through forests, meadows, and beautiful landscapes, leading to the stunning Serolsar Lake. Surrounded by tall trees, the lake is a peaceful spot where you can relax and enjoy the quiet beauty of the Himalayas.

places to visit in kullu manali

Homestays and Local Vibes:

For a genuine local experience, try staying in one of the homestays in Tirthan Valley. The friendly locals and traditional Himachali food make it a unique cultural adventure. Take a walk in the villages, talk to the people, and see the simple and beautiful way of life.

Practical Tips for Your Trip:

Best Time to Visit:

 April to June and September to November offer the best weather.

Places to Stay:

Homestays and guesthouses are plenty. Book early during busy times.


Tirthan Valley is a special place in Kullu Manali with its peaceful landscapes, diverse wildlife, and local charm. Whether you are into adventure, or nature, or just want some quiet time, Tirthan Valley has something for everyone. So, get ready to pack your bags and uncover the hidden wonders of this Himalayan gem.


What is the famous thing in Kullu?

Kullu is famous for several things, and one of its most renowned features is its scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes. However, some specific attractions and activities stand out:
Solang Valley
Kullu Dussehra
Great Himalayan National Park
Bijli Mahadev Temple
River Rafting on the Beas River
Handicrafts and Woolens

What are the best places to visit in Kullu for couples?

The Great Himalayan National Park
Sunrise Point
Tirthan Valley
Naggar Town
Solang Valley

Which is better Kullu or Manali?

Kullu and Manali are neighboring destinations, each with its unique charm. While Kullu is renowned for its cultural festivals and serene landscapes, Manali is celebrated for its adventure activities, vibrant markets, and proximity to iconic attractions like Solang Valley. Choosing between them depends on your preferences, with Kullu offering a cultural retreat and Manali providing a mix of adventure and scenic beauty.

Is it worth visiting Kullu?

Yes, visiting Kullu is worth it for its breathtaking landscapes, cultural richness, adventure activities, and vibrant festivals, making it a delightful destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

How far is Kasol from Kullu?

Kasol is approximately 39 kilometers away from Kullu, making it easily accessible for a day trip or a short journey through the picturesque Parvati Valley.

Why Kasol is known as Mini Israel?

Kasol is known as “Mini Israel” due to the significant presence of Israeli tourists, the prevalence of Israeli cafes, and a cultural influence that has made it a popular destination for Israeli travelers in India.

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