Best Tourist Places in Shimla

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Are you curious about the most amazing Tourist Places in Shimla? Whether you love nature, and history, or just want a peaceful break, Shimla has something special for everyone. In this blog, we will show you the top best spots you should not miss.

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There are many tourist attractions in Shimla. We have picked out the most breathtaking views and charming hidden spots with a touch of old-time charm. We promise this list will help you have an incredible time in Shimla. So, get ready by wearing your cozy clothes and start planning your unforgettable trip, let’s discover the best tourist places in Shimla.

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11 Best Tourist Places in Shimla

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1. The Ridge Shimla

When you think of Shimla, you can not miss “The Ridge”. One of the most popular tourist places in Shimla. It’s like the city’s center, where a lot of interesting things happen. The Ridge has a long history. Back when the British ruled India, this place was like the city’s main square. This is where people used to gather, important news was shared, and fun events took place. It was the go-to spot for British people to have a good time in Shimla. Let’s explore what makes The Ridge a special place.

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Things to do in Shimla Ridge

1. Beautiful Views: The Ridge gives you an amazing view of the mountains and the city. It’s like a postcard of Shimla’s beauty.

2. Scandal Point:  This is an interesting spot. It got its name because a British official’s daughter ran away with the Maharaja of Patiala from here, causing a big scandal. People love to hang out here and watch the world go by.

3. Christ Church: Up on a hill overlooking The Ridge is the Christ Church. It’s a stunning church with colorful windows. Inside, it’s peaceful and beautiful.

4. Mall Road Connection: The Ridge connects to Mall Road, which is the main place for shopping and eating in Shimla. You can easily walk from one to the other.

5. Fun Events:   Sometimes, The Ridge hosts cool events like the Summer Festival and Christmas celebrations. It makes the place even more exciting.

6. Nature’s Touch:  The Ridge is surrounded by pine and oak trees. It’s like a little piece of nature in the city.

7. Photography Spot:   If you like taking pictures, you will love The Ridge. The views and the old buildings are great for photography. Don’t miss the sunset it’s really pretty.

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  • Go in the morning or the evening for a peaceful experience.
  • Wear comfy shoes because you might want to walk around.
  • Take your time to enjoy the views and feel the history of the place

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In a nutshell, The Ridge is more than just a location. It’s a feeling. It is where the past meets the present, and where you can see the heart of Shimla. Ridge comes on top of the tourist places in Shimla. It is like a place that tells stories and creates memories. When you visit Shimla, don’t forget to spend some time at The Ridge. It is an important part of the city’s charm, and you would not want to miss it.

So, when you are in Shimla, take a moment to enjoy The Ridge. It is a special place that adds a lot to your Shimla experience.

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10 best tourist places in shimla

2. Christ Church

In the middle of Shimla, There is a very old and pretty church called Christ Church. This is a must-visit top tourist attractions in Shimla that should be on your list of best tourist places in Shimla. This church is very special and has been around for a very long time. Let’s learn more about this lovely place and some interesting things about it.

A Look at the Past

Christ Church is one of the oldest churches in northern India. It was built when the British ruled India, way back in 1857. The church is very special because it looks different from other buildings in Shimla. It has a unique design that makes it one of the best places to visit in Shimla.

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Cool Facts About Christ Church:

1. Colorful Windows:  When you go inside the church, you will see really colorful windows. These windows show different stories from the life of Jesus Christ. The way the light shines through the windows is like magic.

2. Amazing Organ: Inside the church, there’s a big and old musical instrument called an organ. This organ was brought from England, and it’s not just any instrument, it is also a part of history.

3. Peaceful Feeling: When you step inside the church, you will notice how calm and quiet it is. It is a nice place to sit and think or to find some peace in your heart.

4. Clock Tower: The church has a tall tower with a clock. Every 15 minutes, you can hear the clock making a sound. It’s like music to your ears, and you can hear it all over Shimla.

5.  Special Events: Many weddings and special celebrations happen at Christ Church because it’s so pretty. The church’s beauty and history make these events even more special.

6. Night-time Magic: At night, the church lights up and looks like a fairy tale. It is a sight you don’t want to miss, so visiting in the evening is a good idea. This church is a most famous place in Shimla

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Travel Tips:

When to Visit: The church is open from early morning to early evening. It’s a good idea to check the exact times before you go.

How to Dress: When you visit, it is a good idea to wear modest clothes and be polite.

Taking Pictures: You can take pictures, but be careful not to disturb anyone who might be praying or having a ceremony.

In the end, Christ Church is not just a church. It is a beautiful place with a lot of history. You can enjoy the colorful windows, listen to the clock, or simply feel the calmness inside. When you are in Shimla, don’t forget to spend some time at Christ Church. It is the best tourist place in Shimla. where the past and the present come together, and it will leave you with a special feeling.

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3. Jakhoo Temple shimla

In the middle of Shimla’s beauty, there is a special place called Jakhoo Temple. It is a place where people come to pray and find calmness. This makes this place one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla.

Jakhoo Temple is an old Hindu temple, and it is all about Lord Hanuman, who is known for his loyalty and strength. This temple has been here for a very long time. According to stories, Lord Hanuman stopped at this place during his quest to save Lord Lakshman’s life.

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Cool Facts About Jakhoo Temple:

1. Huge Hanuman Statue:   The most amazing thing about Jakhoo Temple is the super-tall statue of Lord Hanuman. It is 108 feet tall, which is high. It is one of the tallest Hanuman statues in the whole world. Seeing this huge statue against the backdrop of the mountains is just amazing.

2. Lucky Bell:  When you walk up to the temple, you will see a big bronze bell. People believe that ringing this bell brings good luck and makes their wishes come true. Many visitors ring the bell before going into the temple.

3. Awesome Views:   Jakhoo Temple is on top of a hill, and it gives you awesome views of Shimla and the mountains around it. The walk up to the temple is a bit of a climb, but the view is worth it.

4. Playful Monkey:  The temple is also famous for its monkeys. They are considered special because Lord Hanuman is connected to monkeys. Visitors need to be careful because many times they snatch your belongings, So don’t show your food openly

5. Religious Celebrations:  Jakhoo Temple is most lively during religious festivals. The biggest celebration is Hanuman Jayanti, which is like Hanuman’s birthday. It’s a colorful and exciting time to visit.

6. Quiet Inside:  When you go into the temple, you will find it is very quiet and peaceful. People go there to pray, meditate, and find some peace inside themselves.

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Travel Tips:

When to Visit: The temple is usually open from early morning to late evening. It is a good idea to check the exact times before you go.

No Shoes Inside: Like in many temples, you need to take off your shoes before you go inside the temple.

Walking to the Temple: To get to the temple, you have to walk uphill for about 2.5 kilometers. It’s a bit of a walk, so comfortable shoes are a good idea.

In the end, Jakhoo Temple is not just a place to pray, it is a place where you can feel peaceful and amazed. Whether you like the big Hanuman statue, the fantastic views, or just the calm feeling, a visit to this special place is a wonderful experience. If you are planning a visit to Shimla, don’t miss out on these top Shimla tourist places.

So, when you are in Shimla, don’t forget to go to Jakhoo Temple. It is a place where history, spirituality, and the beauty of nature come together, leaving you with a sense of calm and respect.

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kufri shimla

4. Kufri

Kufri is a beautiful hill station in Shimla, known for its stunning natural beauty. It’s like a warm hug from Mother Nature that makes you happy. Let’s take a trip to explore Kufri and enjoy the outdoors in this lovely Shimla tourist place.

Beautiful Nature

Kufri is like a picture-perfect postcard. In the summer, everything is green and pretty, and in the winter, it turns into a snowy wonderland. The natural beauty here is like a magic spell, and the air is so fresh it makes you feel alive.

Things To Do in Kufri

1.  Kufri Fun World: Imagine a place full of fun rides and exciting games for everyone. You can go ice skating and even try skiing. It’s a world of adventure and laughter.

2. Himalayan Nature Park: If you love animals, this park is like a dream. You can see animals like snow leopards, yaks, and rare birds that are from the Himalayas. It is like walking in a storybook of animals.

3. The Mahasu Peak: This is like a mountain that’s really high up—9,000 feet above the ground. When you get to the top, you can see mountains and valleys all around you. It is like looking at a picture that goes on forever. People who like hiking and nature will love this place, making it one of the must-visit tourist places in Shimla.

4. Horse Riding: Picture riding on a horse in the mountains. It is not just fun, but it is also a special way to see the beauty of Kufri. You and your horse will explore the town together.

5. Local Food:  Don’t forget to taste the special food of Kufri, especially the hot and spicy Maggi noodles. It’s a favorite snack here. Also, have a warm cup of tea while looking at the mountains, it’s like a warm hug for your insides.

Snowy Magic

When winter comes to Kufri, the whole town gets covered in soft, white snow, turning it into a snowy wonderland. It is like a winter fairy tale! This is the best time for fun activities like skiing and building snowmen. In Kufri, one of the cool tourist places in Shimla, you can enjoy these adventures and get really close to nature.

A Gentle Invitation

Whether you are a nature lover, adventure seeker, or just looking for a peaceful getaway, Kufri is a fantastic choice. It is a place where you can make wonderful memories, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and marvel at the beauty of nature.

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Among the best tourist places in Shimla, Kufri extends a warm welcome, encouraging you to unwind and appreciate the simple joys of life. Kufri is truly special, like a hidden gem in your travel journey, where you leave a piece of your heart because of its loveliness. Come and experience the warmth of Kufri. it is a chapter in your travel story that will always be cherished.

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5. Naldehra

Naldehra is another top tourist attraction in Shimla that must make it to your list of best tourist places in Shimla. Naldehra is a special place in the hills of Shimla which is 22 kilometers from Shimla. If you like nature and calm places, Naldehra is perfect for you. If you want a break from the busy city, Naldehra is a peaceful escape.

It is like a quiet getaway where nature is the star. You will find green trees, fresh mountain air, and the sound of flowing streams, Naldehra provides a calm and refreshing experience. Don’t miss this hidden gem while exploring the various places to visit in Shimla.

Things to do in Naldhera:

1 . Naldehra Golf Course: This is one of the oldest golf courses in India. Even if you don’t play golf, you can take a leisurely walk here and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with tall trees and great views. It is a wonderful addition to your list of best tourist places in Shimla.

2 . Tattapani: Close to Naldehra, Tattapani is well-known for its hot springs, making it one of the famous tourist attractions in Shimla. Taking a dip in the warm water is not only relaxing but also beneficial for your health. It’s like enjoying a natural spa experience right next to the Sutlej River.

3.  Naldehra Forest: The forests around Naldehra are perfect for walking and enjoying nature. You can see many birds and feel the peace of the forest.

4.  Naldehra Temple: This small temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It’s a calm place for thinking and finding peace. The temple and the natural surroundings are great for meditation.

5. Horse Riding: Riding a horse in Naldehra is a fun experience. You can explore the hilly area and enjoy the adventure.

A Place for All Seasons

Naldehra is beautiful all year round. In spring and summer, the meadows are green and perfect for walks and golf. In winter, when there is snow, it is great for skiing and playing in the snow.

A Friendly Welcome

Naldehra is like a soft voice in the mountains, inviting you to enjoy nature’s beauty. It asks you to slow down, look around, and enjoy the simple things in life. Whether you are a nature lover, adventure seeker, or just looking for some peace, Naldehra has it all. It is a special place where the beauty of nature and human experiences blend seamlessly.

Naldehra, among the enticing Shimla places to visit, invites you to savor tranquility, adventure, and the enchanting beauty of Shimla. So, gear up and explore Naldehra, where every moment feels like a stroke on the canvas of life, waiting for you to uncover Shimla’s beauty in its purest form.

tourist places in shimla

6. Annadale Shimla

Annandale is another top tourist attraction in Shimla that must make it to your list of best tourist places in Shimla. It is not just a place, It has a long history and many interesting things to do. Let’s learn more about Annandale.

Annandale is a place where people used to play and have fun a very long time ago when the British ruled India. It is named after a British officer, Lord Annan, who made it a sports place in the 19th century.

Things To Do Annandale Shimla :

Annandale is not just one thing, it is a mix of different things to enjoy.

1.  Golf Course: It has an old golf course where you can play golf with a beautiful view of the mountains.

2.  Cricket Ground: People play cricket here, and you can watch exciting matches.

3.  Shooting Range: If you like shooting with rifles, there’s a place to practice.

4.  Nature: It’s surrounded by trees and forests. You can take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and look at the pretty views.

5. Adventures: If you like exciting things, you can go trekking and camping in the forests.

Fun Times at Annandale

Annandale is a place for having fun, especially during special times. In the summer, there is a big festival with music, sports, and lots of fun. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are also great times to visit.

Travel Tips:

When to Visit: Annandale is open from morning to evening. Check the exact time before you go.

Tickets: You will need to pay a small fee to get in, but it’s worth it for all the fun.

Enjoy Nature: Don’t forget to look around and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful place. The view of the big Himalayan mountains is amazing.

In a nutshell, Annandale is not just a field, it is a place filled with old stories. I recall visiting with my family, and it felt like stepping back in time. People played cricket, enjoyed the summer festival, and created their tales here. So, when you visit Annandale, understand that it is not just a field, you are strolling through a part of Shimla’s history. It is where history and your memories merge, making it a special place in the list of Shimla places to visit that you’ll always cherish.

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7. Shimla State Museum

In Shimla, there is a special museum called the Shimla State Museum. It is like a time machine that takes us back to the old days of Himachal Pradesh. Let’s explore this museum and discover the stories it holds. It is one of the best tourist places in Shimla for a glimpse into the past.

A Look Back In Time

The museum is in a very old and beautiful building. It used to be the house of an important person, Lord William Beresford, long ago. The building itself is a piece of history.

Inside the museum, there are many interesting things to look at. One of the most special things is the small paintings that show scenes from long ago. These paintings are like colorful story pictures.

Taking Care of The Past

The people who work at the museum take good care of all the old things. They make sure everything stays in good shape so that more people can enjoy them.

Travel Tips:

When to Go: The museum is usually open from morning until early evening. It is a good idea to check the specific times before you plan your visit.

Ticket: You might need to pay a little bit to get in, but it is definitely worth it.

A Journey Through Time

As you walk around the museum, imagine being in the old days of Himachal Pradesh. Each thing you see has a story to tell, and it’s like a window into the past.

A Special Place For Everyone

The Shimla State Museum is not just a place for looking at old things, It is a place for feeling the history of Himachal Pradesh. It is like a journey back in time, waiting for you to discover.

A Place Of History And Stories

When you are in Shimla, don’t forget to visit the Shimla State Museum. It is a place where you can learn about the past and feel a special connection to the history of Himachal Pradesh. You will leave with a greater appreciation for the rich culture of the region.

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8. Indian Institute of Advanced Study :

In Shimla, there is a special place called the Viceregal Lodge which is known today as ” The Indian Institute of Advanced Study ” (IIAS). It’s a big, old building that used to be a holiday home for an important British leader in India. This place is like a time machine that takes you back to a time when Shimla was a very important city. It is among the best places to visit in Shimla, offering a glimpse into its historical significance.

A Glimpse Into The Past

The Viceregal Lodge is not just a regular building, it’s very fancy and looks a bit like the grand buildings in England. It’s made of stone and has beautiful gardens around it. It’s so pretty that it’s like a picture in a storybook.

Important Meetings And Decisions

Many important meetings happened at the Viceregal Lodge. In one of the rooms, called the Great Hall, people would sit around a big table and talk about important things. One of the most important meetings ever called the Shimla Conference, happened here. It was a big step in India’s journey to become independent.

Inside The Lodge

When you go inside, you will see that it is like a fancy palace. There’s beautiful furniture, big chandeliers that light up the rooms, and a big library with lots of books.

The Gardens

Around the lodge, there are beautiful gardens with nicely cut grass and colorful flowers. It’s a great place to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

A Place To Learn

Today, the Viceregal Lodge is a special place for people who want to study and learn new things. It’s a bit like a school for really smart people.

Travel Tips:

When to Go: The lodge is open for visitors, but it’s a good idea to check the times before you plan to visit.

Entrance Fee: You might need to pay a small fee to get in, but it helps take care of the place.

A Living Memory Of The Past

The Viceregal Lodge is more than just a building. It is a place where history comes alive. As you stroll through its halls, you can sense the stories from a bygone era, transporting you to a time when India was striving for its freedom.

So, when you’re in Shimla, be sure to explore the Viceregal Lodge. It is not just a visit, it is an opportunity to be a part of history and appreciate the significance of the past, making it one of the best tourist places in Shimla.

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9. Chadwick Falls

In Shimla, there is a special place called Chadwick Falls. The falls are a very popular tourist attraction in Shimla. It is not far from the city, and you can reach it by taking a short walk through the forest. The falls are like a natural wonder, and they are named after a British leader, Lord Chadwick.

Chadwick Falls is just 7 kilometers away from Shimla’s main part. You can get there by walking through the forest, and it is not a difficult walk so anyone can do it. Don’t miss out on this natural beauty when exploring the best Shimla tourist places.

A Stunning Natural Sight

These falls are a fantastic sight. The water falls from a high place, and it is 67 meters tall. The best time to see the falls is during the rainy season when the water flows the most.

A Quiet Place

Besides looking beautiful, Chadwick Falls is a peaceful place. The sound of the water is calming, and it’s a great spot if you want some quiet time in nature.

Nature All Around

As you walk to the falls, you will see many different plants and animals in the forest. You might even see some birds if you watch closely.

Perfect for Photos

Chadwick Falls is a dream for people who love taking pictures. The green surroundings, clear water, and shiny rocks are a great backdrop for photos.

Travel Tips:

Best Time to Go: The falls are at their most amazing during the rainy season, from July to September.

Tips for the Walk: Wear comfortable shoes, and bring some snacks and water for the walk.

A Relaxing Getaway

Chadwick Falls is not just a place, It is one of the top tourist places in Shimla. It is a break for your mind and heart. It reminds us of how beautiful nature can be. When you are in Shimla, visit this natural wonder and let the sounds of the falls make you feel happy and peaceful.

tourist attractions in shimla

10. Narkanda

Narkanda is a special place in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh. It is not too far from Shimla, and you can easily get there. Whether you like adventure or just want to enjoy nature’s beauty, Narkanda has something for everyone. Let’s discover more about this wonderful place and some fun facts. It is definitely one of the best tourist places in Shimla.

Where Is It?

Narkanda is in the Himalayas, and it’s about 11,152 feet above sea level. That is quite high up! You can reach Narkanda from Shimla, which is 72 kilometers far away from Shimla.

Gorgeous Views

One of the best things about Narkanda is the incredible views of the Himalayas. You can see tall, snow-covered mountains and lots of greenery. This makes Narkanda a great place for taking beautiful pictures, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Winter Wonderland

In the winter, Narkanda turns into a snowy wonderland. It is a popular place for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. The nearby Hatu Peak is a fantastic spot for skiing, with exciting slopes for people who love this sport.

Hatu Peak Temple:

Narkanda is home to the famous Hatu Temple, counted among the famous tourist attractions in Shimla. People visit not just for prayers but also to savor the breathtaking views of the Himalayas. To reach the temple, you can enjoy a pleasant walk through forests and apple orchards, adding to the charm of this beautiful destination.

Apple Orchards

Around Narkanda, there are many apple orchards. You can walk among the apple trees and even taste some of the delicious apples when they are in season. It’s a lovely way to enjoy nature and have a tasty treat.

Bird Watching

  If you like birds, Narkanda is a great place for bird watching. Many different kinds of birds live here, like the Himalayan monal and pheasants. It’s a paradise for people who love watching birds.

Fun Fact: Hatu Peak

Narkanda is known for the Hatu Peak, which is the highest point around, standing at 11,152 feet above sea level. It offers amazing views in all directions.

When to Visit:

Narkanda is beautiful all year, but the best time for snow sports is from December to February. You can also go on treks, camp, or take nature walks in this lovely place.

A Mix Of Adventure And Calm

Narkanda is more than just a place. it is an experience that blends the thrill of snow sports with the serenity of the Himalayas. You can immerse yourself in nature, capture stunning pictures, and partake in exciting adventure activities. If you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh, don’t forget to include Narkanda in your plans. It stands out among the best tourist places in Shimla, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and fun-filled adventures.

11. Toy Train Shimla

The toy train in Shimla, officially known as the Kalka-Shimla Railway, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction in Shimla. Here are some key points about the toy train in Shimla:

  1. Route: The train runs on a narrow-gauge track, covering a picturesque route from Kalka to Shimla, passing through 102 tunnels, 87 bridges, and several scenic landscapes.
  2. Scenic Beauty: The journey offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, lush green valleys, and charming villages. The train journey is renowned for its picturesque beauty.
  3. Heritage Status: The Kalka-Shimla Railway was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, recognizing its historical and cultural significance.
  4. Train Services: The toy train has different services, including Shivalik Deluxe Express, Himalayan Queen, and Rail Motor Car, each offering a unique experience in terms of comfort and scenic views.
  5. Popular Stations: Some of the popular stations along the route include Dharampur, Solan, Barog, and Taradevi.
  6. Duration: The journey from Kalka to Shimla takes approximately 5-6 hours, covering a distance of about 96 kilometers.
  7. Experience: Riding the toy train is not just a mode of transportation. it is an experience that takes you back in time, offering a nostalgic and charming journey.

The toy train in Shimla is not only a means of transportation but also one of the famous tourist attractions in Shimla itself, providing a delightful and memorable journey through the stunning landscapes of the Himalayas.

tourist attractions in shimla

12. Shali Tibba Trek

Situated at an elevation of 2,872 meters, the Shali Tibba Temple stands as one of the famous tourist attractions in Shimla. Offering a stunning 360-degree view of towering peaks and deep valleys, this sacred site dedicated to goddess Bhima Kali can be reached through a challenging uphill trek from Khatnol village. Travelers can reach Khatnol by taking a local bus or hiring a taxi. The road journey from Shimla to Khatnol covers a distance of 45 km.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places in Shimla.

 Q. The best time to visit Shimla

The best time to visit Shimla is during the months of March to June for pleasant weather, and also in December to January for those who enjoy snowfall and winter activities.

Q. Is 2 days sufficient for Shimla?

Two days in Shimla can provide a glimpse of the city’s main attractions, but for a more relaxed and comprehensive experience, it is better to plan for a longer stay.

Q. Which month Shimla is crowded?

Shimla is most crowded during the summer months of May and June when many tourists visit to escape the heat.

Q. Is Shimla expensive or cheap?

Shimla can be moderately expensive, especially during the peak tourist season, but there are options for various budgets.

Q. Which is better Shimla or Manali?

The choice between Shimla and Manali depends on personal preferences, Shimla offers a colonial charm and is ideal for a relaxed vacation, while Manali is known for its adventure and natural beauty, making it suitable for a more adventurous trip.        

Q. Places to visit in Shimla for honeymoon

Shimla offers romantic spots like The Ridge, Mall Road, and Jakhoo Temple for honeymooners. Enjoy the scenic beauty, pleasant weather, and cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for a memorable honeymoon.

Q. Places to visit in Shimla at night

Shimla at night has a magical charm. Some places to visit include:

The Ridge: Illuminated with lights, offering a beautiful view of the surrounding hills.

Mall Road: A vibrant street with shops and eateries, perfect for a leisurely nighttime stroll.

Christ Church: Lit up in the evening, this iconic church presents a serene and picturesque sight.

Lakkar Bazaar: Open late, ideal for exploring local crafts and souvenirs in the evening.

Scandal Point: Known for its romantic ambiance, it is a lovely spot to visit after dark.

Jakhoo Temple: While it is advised to be cautious, the temple area can be peaceful and offer a nice night view of Shimla.

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